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(Mário Pacheco)


O glorioso "Sweet Apple Trax" objeto de desejo da adolescência, tive que esperar até o século XXI para segurá-lo pelas mãos!

Sweet Apple Trax vol. 1
Wizardo Records
catalog number unknown

The first in a line of unrelated bootlegs, the legendary Sweet Apple Trax vol. 1 was released by a different label than subsequent volumes. Several releases used the "Sweet Apple Trax" name, but the most widely distributed copy is probably the Wizardo version. The cover features a photo from the Let It Be sessions and a black sleeve.

      Disc 1/Side A:
      01. Old Hillbilly Way / 02. House of the Rising Sun / 03. Commonwealth Song / 04. Get Off White Power / 05. Winston, Richard, John /
06. Yakety Yack / 07. For You Blue / 08. Let It Be

     Disc 1/Side B:

     01. Get Back / 02. Don't Let Me Down / 03. On Our Way Home / 04. Ba Ba Black Sheep / 05. Encore / 06. Suzy Parker / 07. Oh Yeah (I've Got A Feeling) / 08. No Pakistanis

      Disc 2/Side A:

Let It Be / Be Bop A Lula / Silver Spoon / Tuesday Speaking /
High Heel Sneakers
I Me Mine
One After 909
Norwegian Wood
Disc 2/Side B

Bathroom Window
A Long Road
Shaking in the 60s
Everybody's Rockin
Across The Universe
On Our Way Home
Momma, You've Been On My Mind
Da Da Da
     Para conhecer um pouco mais da história: http://web.ncf.ca/fl512/beatles/releases/get_back_journals_ii.htm